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From Spice to Eternity…….by Yvonne Pat Wright

From Spice to Eternity
by Yvonne Pat Wright

About this book!

Book Description

May 28, 2010
What does life have to throw at you to wake you up. Spices and herbs does it for recipes, but in life, the answer is much more elusive. An intriguing journey with Yvonne Pat Wright into her life of heartbreak, disappointment and despair and how she found her way to fullfilment and purpose through a love she never thought she would find.From Spice to Eternity is a compilation of inspirational stories drawn from personal life encounters while living on two islands: Jamaica and Great Britain. Stories of tears, loss and grief are balanced by joyous, exciting and triumphant tales, which above all, demonstrate the unrelenting and indefatigable love of God.
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My Thoughts
Spices for a Christian book? Knowing that Yvonne wrote this book I knew it would be good, but I didn’t know what to expect with the spices tied into her Biblical writings. I found out that I was in for a treat! I used this book for a devotional, reading a few chapters each night and I was blessed with each chapter I read.
In each chapter of From Spice to Eternity Yvonne gives us a spice and its meaning and purpose, then follows by a devotion tying this spice into our spiritual lives, then a recipe to use the spice she talks about.

One of my favorites is Cinnamon; because this is a spice I love and use a lot. Cinnamon is a healing spice and is credited to helping blood pressure and cholesterol. In her devotion for this spice, the author ties this healing spice to a healing story using scripture about the healing power of God. A few other spices she uses is cloves, vanilla, allspice, mace, mustard, nutmeg, and many more.

I really like Yvonne’s style of writing because it is easy to read and understand, and make a wonderful devotion to read each day. In addition to the devotion, you will find lots of information about each of the forty two spices in this book as well as their uses in recipes as well as for our health. And to top it off, there are many healthy, mouth-watering recipes to try for yourself.

I highly recommend this spice and devotional book for your personal library. It is a resource that you will use over and over! Grab a copy and check it out. You will not be disappointed!

This book was provided by the author for me to read and review. I was not required or expected to give a positive review. The opinions in this review are mine only.

About the Author
Yvonne Pat Wright has just completed her first novel, From Spice to Eternity, released on May 14, 2010. She's working on its sequel now. A young-at-heart grandmother Yvonne Pat was born in Jamaica. She spent the first twenty years of her life there, married and had her two daughters before migrating to the United Kingdom in the 1960s. There she attended Tottenham College and earned her Certificate in Business Studies. She also holds a Certificate:Seasoned Chef Cooking with Herbs and Spices from the SA Herb Academy.

After 25 years she returned to her native Jamaica. She worked in Advertising, writing News Releases. She joined the staff at the then Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation, and for a time was in charge of Radio and Television. She's appeared on both Radio and Television, writing the scripts for her programmes.

She returned to live in the United Kingdom in 2006. She fulfilled her desire to write with her debut book From Spice to Eternity, an intriguing journey looking back at her life and interweaving exotic details of herbs, spices and recipes. She reveals how her heart gets captured for life. Visit her at spicetoeternity.co.uk.


  1. You know, that cover alone grabs my attention. I love the cover, and even though we're not supposed to, it intrigues me and makes me want to learn more. Thank you for the interview ~ it was fun learning about Yvonne!

  2. Wonderful interview and I tweeted it and posted it on FB and Google+!

  3. What an awesome review! Congrats to Yvonne on her first novel! What an accomplishment and a milestone in ones life.. I am proud to say "I have helped spread the word as well"

  4. WOW, What an awesome review! Now we can all add some spicy value to our Christian experiences! AWESOME!!!

  5. Great review and interview as well... Congratulations!

  6. Beautiful book and author! Yvonne has a real winner here with her down-to-earth sharing and fruit of the earth recipes. From Spice to Eternity will no doubt be a blessing to all who own it!

  7. Thank you both for sharing about this fantastic author. I've done another study that featured herbs for a Ladies Bible study, but "exotic" adds just the touch of excitement and intrigue to Yvonne's "take."