Friday, July 22, 2011

God and Stephen Hawking : Whose Design Is It Anyway?


In this book Christian mathematician John Lennox challenges Stephen Hawking’s latest book where he claims that the universe was created without God. Though this is an interesting subject, most of this book was kinda over my head. I was however able to follow Lennox as he used the Bible to prove Hawking’s wrong. 
Between the biblical things offered by Lennox and the research he did from so many other scientists, he really proved his point far above anything Hawking proved. Hawking was just too wishy-washy trying to prove his case. I just couldn’t understand Hawking’s views or the explanations. It’s amazing what someone will do to prove that God is fake; heaven is a fantasy or fairytale when it is impossible to do. Lennox does mention that Hawking made statements that makes one believe he thinks the universe was created by a supernatural being, all the while he is going to great lengths to prove God does not exist. Despite not understand a lot of the book, these are a lot of things that were contradictive in the Hawking theory. 

Anyone wanting to know more about these issues should definitely read this book. Even though a short less than 100 page book, this is chunked full of information, so much that you can read it over and over and still learn something different each time.


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