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PUYB Tour Super Luke Faces His Bully…by Dr. Jackie C. Cogswell

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About Super Luke Faces His Bully

Super Luke Faces His Bully is a fun loving adventure spoken straight from the heart of a super-sweet eight-year-old bully victim, Luke Giggleheart. The Word of God is used as a lens to examine some of the issues that can make a person act like either a bully or a victim. During this adventure, Luke, our tender-hearted bully victim, learns about fear, being courageous and getting adults to help, while praying for his enemies.
Bullies are everywhere. At school, in your neighbor, and even at church. What should we do about someone that bullies us? Or what should be done to you if you are the one who bullies other people? In her book “Super Luke Faces His Bully,” Dr. Jakie C. Cogswell addresses the issues that come with someone being bullied.
Harry Jones was not someone Luke wanted in his life. Why? Because he had to face the abuse of being bullied by Harry whenever they were around each other. And the things that Harry did to Luke were not nice at all, they were embarrassing and they caused a lot of different emotions and attitudes with Luke.
Luke had a lot of channels in his head, and if we think about it, we all really do. He had a scary channel, attitude channel, yummy channel, God channel and more. Luke’s mom was always replenishing the God channel with good things when she meets with Luke and his buddies at their Bible Buddies Club. When Luke had the God channel on, this put good things into his brain to think about. I love the idea of the channels. How true this is of every person really, and this is an awesome way to describe what goes on in our minds. And to put it on a child’s level as the author did, well this is just good professional and unique writing by Dr. Cogswell.
There is so much packed in this book I could go on and on talking about the different things, but you really need to grab a copy of this book for yourself to read and to have for your young readers.
This book is just plain good! The author uses God’s word to teach principles to your children of all ages how do deal with others doing things to them.
The book as a wonderful layout, and the illustrations are adorable. The entire inside and outside of the book is eyecatching and captures your attention, I highly recommend this book to everyone! Even adults will benefit from the lessons learned in this book,
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About Dr. Jackie

Dr Jackie photoDr. Jackie Chirco Cogswell is a family physician, wife, mother, former school teacher, and now author of a series of Christian children’s novels, the GIGGLEHEART ADVENTURE SERIES. Writing Christian books and reading the Bible has become her passion.
In recent years, Dr. Jackie has been led to teach children of all ages how to prevent and stop bullying. As a Christian mother, the issue of bullying became very personal to her when her child was bullied in elementary school. Through the many struggles her son had with bullies, Dr. Jackie learned from firsthand experience how to tackle bullying from a Christian perspective. SUPER LUKE FACES HIS BULLY was inspired by her son’s personal struggle and the good Lord, “Who equips us for every battle andSuperLuke Cover gives us strength.”
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